Hello, friends. This blog is coming at a time when I have 756 other things to be focused on, but it’s something I have wanted to do forever. If you are my friend, or have at least seen my Instagram page, you know that I love to cook (and of course love to eat!). I wanted to start this site to not only share my recipes and day-to-day musings, but to inspire other home chefs and foodies (the first and last time I will use that word, promise) to get out there in their communities or into their own kitchens and see what food truly has to offer.

A lot of people think being a “good” cook is hard, and I am here to tell you if I can do it, literally anyone can. I am mostly self taught, but am inspired by the many food blogs that came before me (shout out to Sally’s Baking Addiction, Damn Delicious, and Gimme Some Oven). The root of my love for cooking stems from my mom and dad, who taught me that a good meal around the table is the best ending to any kind of day. Food brings people together, and encourages friends and family to laugh, share, and experience life over a delicious plate. For me, it also serves as a stress relief to stand in my little kitchen and let my hands do the work when my brain is tired from a day of studying. I hope that you get a little taste (sorry for the pun) of my world and what makes me happy.

Thanks for stepping into my tiny kitchen!




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