I Tried Blue Apron for a Week and Here’s How it Went

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted. But it’s because I’ve been so busy cooking up a storm with my Blue Apron subscription, duh! I hear about these ingredient delivery services like Plated, Hello Fresh and Blue Apron ALL THE TIME.  And to be honest, I used to low-key judge people who used them. They seemed so expensive for something you could easily do yourself. But when I received a 30 dollar coupon code for BA, I decided I may as well give it a try.

I signed up for one week, which cost me $29.99 with the coupon (normally $59.99) for the two person weekly meal plan. I knew from the beginning I was going to cancel it as soon as my first delivery came. But alas, I picked my three meals (all with meat to get my money’s worth). I got to choose three of six meal options for the week: BBQ rubbed salmon, Nepalese-style chicken & rice, and beef meatballs with a swiss chard ragout. Fancy, right? I was actually excited to cook some foods I normally would never make for myself. I tend to stick to the classics, and most of these were a little out of my comfort zone.

My box arrived on a Wednesday at 11:30AM, and I didn’t get home until 6PM. The box had two huge ice packs and was insulated, so all my stuff stayed totally cold. +1 for BA.

IMG_5351 2

I decided to make the salmon for my first meal. I actually don’t even really like salmon, but I feel like it’s controversial not to like it. I hoped this meal would help change my mind. The salmon dish probably would have only taken 30 minutes to make, but someone (cough Aleks cough) lost his wallet in the middle, so I had to take a break and put out that fire. In case you were wondering, it was on the bookshelf where he always keeps it -_-.


The salmon I received looked so pretty. And the cool thing is, they send you this little bag of all the tiny ingredients you need. For example, the recipe called for a tablespoon of red wine vinegar, so they sent me this cute little bottle of the exact amount. I ended up freezing one of the salmon filets to save for another time. But the meal I ended up with was awesome:

IMG_5361 2

The salad had a dressing I would never ever think to make for myself made with mustard grain. I really liked it, and was happy with the portions. It may have even pushed me closer into the “I Like Salmon” camp!

On Sunday night I made the Nepalese Chicken Tarkari. It gave me two generously sized dinners, and used a spice blend I wouldn’t have ever tried on my own (it had cinnamon in it!).

IMG_5426 2

So this sounds like a glowing review, right? And it is. I really liked it, it was convenient, and the food tasted great. Here’s the thing, though. For anyone who can even remotely cook, this is completely unnecessary. In a mindful Kroger trip, I could have purchased all of the ingredients for this week’s meals for ~$35 dollars (which BA charges $60 for). I already had a lot of the spices and ingredients in my cabinets, I just never thought to put them together like this. Blue Apron posts all of their recipes on their website, so for me that seems like a way more cost effective way to cook new recipes.

Final verdict: I learned some great new recipes while exploring different flavors. For a complete beginner or someone with a poorly stocked kitchen, it might be incredibly helpful. However, it is definitely not worth $60 dollars a week, and I could have done all of this on my own for less.



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