Med School How-To: Staying Organized While Applying

As my very first med school post (yay!), I decided to share what I did to stay organized during my medical school application cycle.

Let me start off by saying that I did a LOT of research before applying; researching specific schools, seeking advice from other applications, sifting through pages upon pages of pre-med forums and med school blogs, and attempting to use all this information to make the best decisions for my unique situation.

After reading a post from another medical school blogger (@medicineinmichigan) showcasing her own “stay organized” chart, I realized it would be the easiest way to keep track of everything (dates/essays/admissions decisions). And trust me, there was a TON to keep track of because I applied to 27 schools! Here is the exact Google sheet I used throughout my cycle.


You can see that a few schools at the bottom (Wayne and MSUCHM) are unfinished because I haven’t heard back from them quite yet. You’ll also notice I applied to 22 DO schools and 5 MD schools. If you’re unsure of the difference, I’ll be doing a DO vs. MD post later on to layout a comparison and when/if you should apply to each type of school. As of now I have been admitted to two DO schools and waitlisted at one MD (Central Michigan), and I will continue to hear back until the very last second, most likely! It can be frustrating, but such is the process.

In a completely unpredictable and hectic process, a chart like this will really come in handy, especially when keeping track of dates. Applying early and in a timely manner (sending back your secondaries in the unspoken “two-week” time frame) is key when applying to medical school. It also helps you keep your finances in order (as you can see, this gets expensive), so be sure to include a category for all the fees.

For those of you gearing up to apply in May/June 2017, I hope this will serve as a guide for your own organization. Stay tuned for more how-to tips for the 2017-2018 cycle!

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